Our Team

Our team is based in the Cognition and Development Lab at Yale University, and is led by Dr. Frank Keil and Dr. Mark Sheskin. Our studies are sometimes designed with help from researchers at other universities, including Harvard, MIT, and Boston College.


Dr. Mark Sheskin

Mark Sheskin leads the online research team at TheChildLab.com. He received his PhD in developmental psychology from Yale in 2013. He moved to Paris for a couple of years to do research, but is now back in the United States as a researcher at Yale and a teacher at Minerva.

Mark's research looks at children's preferences for different types of explanation, and the development of prosocial behavior. You can e-mail him at mark.sheskin@yale.edu, or find more information at http://marksheskin.com


Dr. frank keil

Frank Keil is the professor in charge of the Cognition and Development Lab at Yale University. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He taught at Cornell before joining Yale in 1998. In addition to heading the lab, he is currently chair of the Yale Psychology Department.

At the most general level, Professor Keil’s research is about how children make sense of the world around them. You can e-mail Professor Keil at frank.keil@yale.edu, or find more information at http://cogdevlab.yale.edu/people/faculty

Some members of our team

Here are pictures of our some of our team in action, doing many of the things that are part of "a day in the life of a scientist." Check back over time to see new team members and activities being featured!


In this picture, Rosie is practicing an in-person study. Some of our studies are only online, some are only in person, and some collect data both online and in person! When you and your child participate in a video chat, you can ask whether the study is one that is only available online, or where else (e.g., a New Haven museum) it is running.


In this picture, Dori is translating an English study into Spanish. Our researchers speak many different languages, and we are adding studies in additional languages, starting with Spanish. Feel free to contact us if you want to know when we are likely to add a language your child speaks.


In this picture, Emory is presenting the results of a study at a conference. Once we are done collecting data, we present the results at conferences in scientific journals. We then work together to design new studies to learn even more! You can always ask us how one of our studies fits into the big picture (what came before it, what we are thinking of next, what it tells us about child development).